• Extension : Weatherlight - 20/167 (Peu commune) Weatherlight (Peu commune)
  • Artiste : Dan Frazier

Impression anglaise

  • Master of Arms
  • Summon Soldier
  • First strike
    1w Tap target creature blocking Master of Arms.
  • "Being the best usually means proving it to everyone."
    —Gerrard of the
  • 2/2

Impression française

  • Maître d'armes
  • L'impression dans cette langue n'est pas encore disponible.


  • Master of Arms
  • Creature - Human Soldier
  • First strike
    {1}{W}: Tap target creature blocking Master of Arms.
  • 2/2


  • Remember that normally, tapped blockers still deal and receive damage in combat. Master of Arms prevents the damage that the targeted creature would deal, but the creature will still receive combat damage. [2007-05-01]
  • Master of Arms has received errata so that its functionality is much closer to how it worked at the time it was printed. (When _Weatherlight_ was released, tapped blockers didn’t deal combat damage.) [2008-04-01]


  • NM/MT : -0,10 € Cote stable


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