List of cards
Seq Rarity Name (VO) Name (VF) Cost Type
1 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Charm School   2w Enchant Player
2 Unglued (card.rarity.R) The Cheese Stands Alone   4ww Enchantment
3 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Double Dip   4w Instant
4 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Get a Life   w Instant
5 Unglued (card.rarity.R) I'm Rubber, You're Glue   ww Enchantment
6 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Knight of the Hokey Pokey   ww Summon Knight
7 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Lexivore   3w Summon Beast
8 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Look at Me, I'm the DCI   5ww Sorcery
9 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Mesa Chicken   ww Summon Chicken
10 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Miss Demeanor   3w Summon Lady of Proper Etiquette
11 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Once More with Feeling   wwww Sorcery
12 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Prismatic Wardrobe   w Sorcery
13 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Sex Appeal   w Instant
14 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Bureaucracy   3uu Enchantment
15 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Censorship   u Enchantment
16 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Checks and Balances   2u Enchantment
17 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Chicken à la King   1uu Summon Chicken
18 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Clambassadors   3u Summon Clamfolk
19 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Clam-I-Am   2u Summon Clamfolk
20 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Clam Session   1uu Summon Clamfolk
21 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Common Courtesy   2uu Enchantment
22 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Denied!   u Interrupt
23 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Double Take   3uu Instant
24 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Fowl Play   2u Enchant Creature
25 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Free-for-All   3u Enchantment
26 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Psychic Network   u Enchantment
27 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Sorry   uu Enchantment
28 Unglued (card.rarity.R) B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)   bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Summon The Biggest, Baddest, Nastiest, Scariest...
29 Unglued (card.rarity.R) B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)   bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Summon The Biggest, Baddest, Nastiest, Scariest...
30 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Deadhead   3b Summon Zombie
31 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Double Cross   3bb Sorcery
32 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Handcuffs   3bb Enchantment
33 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Infernal Spawn of Evil   6bbb Summon [Demon] Beast
34 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Jumbo Imp   2b Summon Imp
35 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Organ Harvest   b Sorcery
36 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Ow   b Enchantment
37 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Poultrygeist   2b Summon Chicken
38 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Temp of the Damned   2b Summon Zombie
39 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Volrath's Motion Sensor   b Enchant Player
40 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire   3r Enchantment
41 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Chicken Egg   1r Summon Egg
42 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Double Deal   4r Sorcery
43 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Goblin Bookie   r Summon Goblin
44 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Goblin Bowling Team   3r Summon Goblins
45 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Goblin Tutor   r Instant
46 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Hurloon Wrangler   2r Summon Minotaur
47 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Jalum Grifter   3rr Summon Legend
48 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Krazy Kow   3r Summon Cow
49 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Landfill   4r Sorcery
50 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Ricochet   r Enchantment
51 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Spark Fiend   4r Summon Beast
52 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Strategy, Schmategy   1r Sorcery
53 Unglued (card.rarity.U) The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Customer Service   xyzrr Sorcery
54 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Cardboard Carapace   5g Enchant Creature
55 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Double Play   3gg Sorcery
56 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Elvish Impersonators   3g Summon Elves
57 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Flock of Rabid Sheep   xgg Sorcery
58 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Free-Range Chicken   3g Summon Chicken
59 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Gerrymandering   2g Sorcery
60 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Ghazban Ogress   g Summon Ogre
61 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Growth Spurt   1g Instant
62 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Gus   2g Summon Gus
63 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Hungry Hungry Heifer   2g Summon Cow
64 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Incoming!   4gggg Sorcery
65 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Mine, Mine, Mine!   4gg Enchantment
66 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Squirrel Farm   2g Enchantment
67 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Team Spirit   2g Instant
68 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Timmy, Power Gamer   2gg Summon Legend
69 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Ashnod's Coupon   0 Artifact
70 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Blacker Lotus   0 Artifact
71 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Bronze Calendar   4 Artifact
72 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Chaos Confetti   4 Artifact
73 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Clay Pigeon   3 Artifact Creature
74 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Giant Fan   4 Artifact
75 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Jack-in-the-Mox   0 Artifact
76 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Jester's Sombrero   2 Artifact
77 Unglued (card.rarity.R) Mirror Mirror   7 Artifact
78 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Paper Tiger   4 Artifact Creature
79 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Rock Lobster   4 Artifact Creature
80 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Scissors Lizard   4 Artifact Creature
81 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Spatula of the Ages   4 Artifact
82 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Urza's Contact Lenses   0 Artifact
83 Unglued (card.rarity.U) Urza's Science Fair Project   6 Artifact Creature
84 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Plains Plaine Basic Land - Plains
85 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Island Île Basic Land - Island
86 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Swamp Marais Basic Land - Swamp
87 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Mountain Montagne Basic Land - Mountain
88 Unglued (card.rarity.C) Forest Forêt Basic Land - Forest