Cage du fossoyer de graf - Core Set 2020
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  • Cage du fossoyer de graf - Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.R) Grafdigger's Cage - Modern Masters 2017 Edition (card.rarity.R) Cage du fossoyer de graf - Obscure ascension (card.rarity.R)


  • Expansion : Core Set 2020 - 227/344 (card.rarity.R) Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.R)
  • Artist : Daniel Ljunggren

French printing

  • Cage du fossoyer de graf
  • Artefact
  • Les cartes de créature des cimetières et des bibliothèques ne peuvent pas arriver sur le champ de bataille.
    Les joueurs ne peuvent pas lancer de sorts des cimetières ou des bibliothèques.
  • « Mieux vaut bien les enterrer. Nous ne voulons pas que l'atrocité se répète. »
    —Constable Trosk

English printing

  • Grafdigger's Cage
  • Artifact
  • Creature cards in graveyards and libraries can't enter the battlefield.
    Players can't cast spells from graveyards or libraries.
  • "Best bury them right. We don't want any gruesome encores."
    —Constable Trosk


  • Grafdigger's Cage
  • Artifact
  • Creature cards can't enter the battlefield from graveyards or libraries.
    Players can't cast cards in graveyards or libraries.


  • If a creature card tries to enter the battlefield from a graveyard or library, it stays in its current zone. [2011-01-22]


  • NM/MT : ~2,00 € Quotation stable
  • Foil : ~4,00 € Quotation stable


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