French printing

  • Haut fait de Culmefer
  • Rituel
  • Ajoutez sept r. Vous ne pouvez lancer qu'un sort de plus ce tour-ci.
  • Le plus grand défi n'est pas la chaleur étouffante, mais le poids de ceux qui ont échoué par le passé.

English printing

  • Irencrag Feat
  • Sorcery
  • Add seven r. You can cast only one more spell this turn.
  • The greatest challenge isn't the stifling heat but the crushing weight of those who failed before.


  • Irencrag Feat
  • Sorcery
  • Add seven {R}. You can cast only one more spell this turn.


  • Irencrag Feat’s effect doesn’t care how many spells you’ve cast so far in the turn. You can cast only one more. [0000-00-00]
  • Irencrag Feat’s effect doesn’t allow you to cast any spell you couldn’t otherwise cast. For example, if an effect says you can’t cast more than one spell each turn, Irencrag Feat won’t let you cast a second. [0000-00-00]
  • If an effect allows or instructs you to cast another spell after you cast one more, you can’t do so. The restriction of Irencrag Feat takes precedence over that permission. [0000-00-00]
  • Irencrag Feat’s effect doesn’t stop you from activating any abilities or from playing lands. [0000-00-00]


  • NM/MT : not available
  • Foil : not available


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