• Extension : Visions - 4/167 (Rare) Visions (Rare)
  • Artiste : Eric Peterson

Impression française

Impression anglaise

  • Eye of Singularity
  • Enchant World
  • When Eye of Singularity comes into play, bury all permanents with the same name except basic lands.
    Whenever any permanent other than a basic land comes into play, bury any permanent already in play with the same name.


  • Eye of Singularity
  • World Enchantment
  • When Eye of Singularity enters the battlefield, destroy each permanent with the same name as another permanent, except for basic lands. They can't be regenerated.
    Whenever a permanent other than a basic land enters the battlefield, destroy all other permanents with that name. They can't be regenerated.


  • If a copy card enters the battlefield, the permanent it is copying is destroyed and the copy card stays on the battlefield. [2004-10-04]
  • Since phasing in does not cause enters-the-battlefield ability to trigger, it is possible to phase in a card which is already on the battlefield and not trigger this effect. [2004-10-04]
  • This has the supertype world. This supertype is similar to legendary. The difference is that when a world permanent enters the battlefield, any world permanents that were already on the battlefield are put into their owners' graveyards. This is a state-based action called the "world rule." The new world permanent stays on the battlefield. If two world permanents enter the battlefield at the same time, they're both put into their owners' graveyards. [2008-10-01]


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