Llanowar Wastes - Tenth Edition
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  • Llanowar Wastes - Commander 2020 (Ikoria) (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Commander 2019 (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Magic Origins (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Magic 2015 (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Tenth Edition (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Ninth Edition (card.rarity.R) Llanowar Wastes - Apocalypse (card.rarity.R)


  • Expansion : Tenth Edition - 355/383 (card.rarity.R) Tenth Edition (card.rarity.R)
  • Artist : Rob Alexander

English printing

  • Llanowar Wastes
  • Land
  • t: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    t: Add b or g to your mana pool. Llanowar Wastes deals 1 damage to you.

French printing

  • Landes de Llanowar
  • Terrain
  • t : Ajoutez 1 à votre réserve.
    t : Ajoutez b ou g à votre réserve. Les Landes de Llanowar vous infligent 1 blessure.


  • Llanowar Wastes
  • Land
  • {T}: Add {1} to your mana pool.
    {T}: Add {B} or {G} to your mana pool. Llanowar Wastes deals 1 damage to you.


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