Soul Warden - Ninth Edition
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  • Soul Warden - Modern Masters 2017 Edition (card.rarity.C) Soul Warden - Modern Event Deck 2014 (card.rarity.C) Soul Warden - Planechase (card.rarity.C) Soul Warden - Magic 2010 (card.rarity.C) Soul Warden - Tenth Edition (card.rarity.U) Soul Warden - Ninth Edition (card.rarity.U) Soul Warden - Exodus (card.rarity.C)


  • Expansion : Ninth Edition - 46/350 (card.rarity.U) Ninth Edition (card.rarity.U)
  • Artist : Randy Gallegos

English printing

  • Soul Warden
  • Creature — Human Cleric
  • Whenever another creature comes into play, you gain 1 life.
  • Count carefully the souls and see that none are lost.
    —Vec teaching
  • 1/1

French printing

  • Garde des âmes
  • Créature : humain et clerc
  • À chaque fois qu'une autre créature arrive en jeu, vous gagnez 1 point de vie.
  • CSP
  • 1/1


  • Soul Warden
  • Creature - Human Cleric
  • Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.
  • 1/1


  • Does not trigger on a card on the battlefield being changed into a creature. [2004-10-04]
  • The ability will not trigger on itself entering the battlefield, but it will trigger on any other creature that is put onto the battlefield at the same time. [2004-10-04]
  • Two Soul Wardens entering the battlefield at the same time will each cause the other's ability to trigger. [2005-08-01]
  • The life gain is mandatory. [2005-08-01]


  • NM/MT : -0,50 € Quotation increase
  • Foil : -1,50 € Quotation increase


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