Remove Soul - Ninth Edition

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  • Remove Soul - Tenth Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Ninth Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Eighth Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Seventh Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Starter 1999 (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Classic Sixth Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Fifth Edition (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Chronicles (card.rarity.C) Remove Soul - Legends (card.rarity.C)


  • Expansion : Ninth Edition - 93/350 (card.rarity.C) Ninth Edition (card.rarity.C)
  • Artist : Adam Rex

English printing

  • Remove Soul
  • Instant
  • Counter target creature spell.
  • When your enemies are denied soldiers, they are denied victory.

French printing

  • Retrait d'âme
  • Éphémère
  • Contrecarrez le sort de créature ciblé.
  • Quand vos ennemis sont privés de soldats, ils sont privés de victoire.


  • Remove Soul
  • Instant
  • Counter target creature spell.


  • A "creature spell" is any spell with the type Creature, even if it has other types such as Artifact or Enchantment. Older cards of type Summon are also Creature spells. [2008-04-01]


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  • Foil : -0,40 € Quotation stable


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