Omniscience - Core Set 2019
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  • Omniscience - Core Set 2019 (card.rarity.M) Omniscience - Amonkhet Invocations (card.rarity.S) Omniscience - Magic 2013 (card.rarity.M)


  • Expansion : Core Set 2019 - 65/314 (card.rarity.M) Core Set 2019 (card.rarity.M)
  • Artist : Jason Chan

English printing

  • Omniscience
  • Enchantment
  • You may cast spells from your hand without paying their mana costs.
  • "The things I once imagined would be my greatest achievements were only the first steps toward a future I can only begin to fathom."
    —Jace Beleren

French printing

  • Omniscience
  • Enchantement
  • Vous pouvez lancer des sorts depuis votre main sans payer leur coût de mana.
  • « Mes rêves les plus fous d'hier ne sont aujourd'hui qu'un premier pas vers un avenir que je commence à peine à entrevoir. »
    —Jace Beleren


  • Omniscience
  • Enchantment
  • You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs.


  • You must follow the normal timing restrictions of each nonland card you cast. [2012-07-01]
  • If you cast a card "without paying its mana cost," you can't pay any alternative costs. You can pay additional costs such as kicker costs. If the card has mandatory additional costs, you must pay those. [2012-07-01]
  • If the card has X in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as its value. [2012-07-01]


  • NM/MT : ~1,40 € Quotation increase
  • Foil : ~-4,90 € Quotation decrease


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