Bone to Ash - Core Set 2020
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  • Bone to Ash - Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.C) Bone to Ash - Core Set 2019 (card.rarity.U) Bone to Ash - Magic Origins (card.rarity.C) Bone to Ash - Dark Ascension (card.rarity.C)


  • Expansion : Core Set 2020 - 48/344 (card.rarity.C) Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.C)
  • Artist : Clint Cearley

English printing

  • Bone to Ash
  • Instant
  • Counter target creature spell.
    Draw a card.
  • "I can think of worse ways to go. On second thought, maybe not."
    —Ludevic, necro-alchemist

French printing

  • Os en cendres
  • Éphémère
  • Contrecarrez le sort de créature ciblé.
    Piochez une carte.
  • « Ce n'est pas la pire façon de mourir. Après réflexion, peut-être que si. »
    —Ludevic, nécro-alchimiste


  • Bone to Ash
  • Instant
  • Counter target creature spell.
    Draw a card.


  • If the creature spell is an illegal target (because it's left the stack, for example) when Bone to Ash tries to resolve, Bone to Ash will be countered and none of its effects will happen. You won't draw a card. [2011-01-22]
  • A creature spell that can't be countered by spells and abilities is a legal target for Bone to Ash. The creature spell won't be countered when Bone to Ash resolves, but you'll still draw a card. [2011-01-22]


  • NM/MT : ~-0,10 € Quotation increase
  • Foil : ~-0,00 € Quotation stable


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