Troussecabot - Core Set 2020
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  • Troussecabot - Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.U) Troussecabot - Sombrelande (card.rarity.C)


  • Expansion : Core Set 2020 - 238/344 (card.rarity.U) Core Set 2020 (card.rarity.U)
  • Artist : Jeremy Jarvis

French printing

  • Troussecabot
  • Créature-artefact : épouvantail
  • t : Ajoutez un mana de la couleur de votre choix.
    t : La créature ciblée devient de la ou des couleurs de votre choix jusqu'à la fin du tour.
  • Grâce aux cinq lentilles placées sur sa « tête », il voit le monde dans une variété de couleurs qui dépasse la perception ordinaire.
  • 2/2

English printing

  • Scuttlemutt
  • Artifact Creature — Scarecrow
  • t: Add one mana of any color.
    t: Target creature becomes the color or colors of your choice until end of turn.
  • With five lenses on its "head," it sees the world in a range of colors beyond ordinary perception.
  • 2/2


  • Scuttlemutt
  • Artifact Creature - Scarecrow
  • {T}: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
    {T}: Target creature becomes the color or colors of your choice until end of turn.
  • 2/2


  • An effect that changes a permanent's colors overwrites all its old colors unless it specifically says "in addition to its other colors." For example, after Cerulean Wisps resolves, the affected creature will just be blue. It doesn't matter what colors it used to be (even if, for example, it used to be blue and black). [2008-05-01]
  • Changing a permanent's color won't change its text. If you turn Wilt-Leaf Liege blue, it will still affect green creatures and white creatures. [2008-05-01]
  • Colorless is not a color. [2008-05-01]
  • For the second ability, you can choose any single color or any combination of more than one color. You can't choose colorless. [2008-05-01]
  • The second ability won't make an artifact creature stop being an artifact. It'll just be a colorful artifact. [2008-05-01]


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  • Foil : ~-0,00 € Quotation increase


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