Rootwalla - Tenth Edition
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  • Expansion : Tenth Edition - 293/383 (card.rarity.C) Tenth Edition (card.rarity.C)
  • Artist : Roger Raupp

English printing

  • Rootwalla
  • Creature — Lizard
  • 1g: Rootwalla gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Play this ability only once each turn.
  • If you try to sneak up on a rootwalla, you'll suddenly find yourself dealing with twice the lizard.
  • 2/2

French printing

  • Agame des souches
  • Créature : lézard
  • 1g : L'Agame des souches gagne +2/+2 jusqu'à la fin du tour. Ne jouez cette capacité qu'une seule fois par tour.
  • Si vous tentez de surprendre l'agame des souches, c'est vous qui risquez d'être surpris.
  • 2/2


  • Rootwalla
  • Creature - Lizard
  • {1}{G}: Rootwalla gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.
  • 2/2


  • If this card's ability is activated by one player, then another player takes control of it on the same turn, the second player can't activate its ability that turn. [2006-02-01]


  • NM/MT : 0,10 € Quotation stable
  • Foil : -0,00 € Quotation stable


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