Pithing Needle - Tenth Edition
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  • Pithing Needle - Kaladesh Inventions (card.rarity.S) Pithing Needle - Return to Ravnica (card.rarity.R) Pithing Needle - Magic 2010 (card.rarity.R) Pithing Needle - Tenth Edition (card.rarity.R) Pithing Needle - Saviors of Kamigawa (card.rarity.R)


  • Expansion : Tenth Edition - 338/383 (card.rarity.R) Tenth Edition (card.rarity.R)
  • Artist : Pete Venters

English printing

  • Pithing Needle
  • Artifact
  • As Pithing Needle comes into play, name a card.
    Activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can't be played unless they're mana abilities.

French printing

  • Aiguille à sectionner
  • Artefact
  • Au moment où l'Aiguille à sectionner arrive en jeu, nommez une carte.
    Les capacités activées des sources du nom choisi ne peuvent pas être jouées à moins qu'elles ne soient des capacités de mana.


  • Pithing Needle
  • Artifact
  • As Pithing Needle enters the battlefield, name a card.
    Activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can't be activated unless they're mana abilities.


  • Pithing Needle affects cards regardless of what zone they're in. This includes cards in hand, cards in the graveyard, and exiled cards. For example, a player can't cycle Eternal Dragon or return an Eternal Dragon from his or her graveyard to hand if Pithing Needle naming Eternal Dragon is on the battlefield. [2005-06-01]
  • You can name any card, even if that card doesn't normally have an activated ability. You can't name a token unless that token has the same name as a card. [2005-06-01]
  • If you name a card that has both a mana ability and another activated ability, the mana ability can be activated but the other ability can't be activated. [2005-06-01]
  • Triggered abilities and static abilities of the named card work normally. [2009-10-01]
  • Once Pithing Needle has left the battlefield, activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can be activated again. [2009-10-01]


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